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Product Image 64 Gallon Trash Receptacle - Bear Proof

64 Gallon Bear Proof Trash Can Receptacle - Contemporary Style - With Locking Hasp




This 64-gallon bear proof trash receptacle is perfect to keep trash secure from wildlife. Complete with two 32-gallon compartments, each with secure latches to keep bears out. Top doors include gravity latches and bottom doors each have a two-point paddle latch. Each door is secured with an integral locking hasp for added security as an added feature.  Container is made from laser cut steel that is 70% or more recycled, making it strong and environmentally friendly.  Choose color coating of receptacle from our options below!  Before painted with chosen color, steel container is primed with 2-3 mil of epoxy and then 2-3 mil of your chosen color.  This model includes vertical slats of recycled plastic on the front doors and around the exterior. Choose color of exterior and plastic stripes for desired color combination!  This 64-gallon trash receptacle is perfect for municipalities and forest preserves to provide trash storage secure from wildlife intervention.   

  • 64-gallon trash receptacle, bear proof 
  • Technically 80 gallons of capacity if 2 square receptacles are used (not included)
  • Made from 70% or more recycled steel – laser cut 
  • Perfect for public outdoor spaces
  • Feet allow for bolting or securing to a pad such as concrete  
  • Choose color combination of finish and vertical slats for desired look


Color Options for receptacle: Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Tan

Slats are weathered red color

Integral locking hasp included on inside of each front door for extra security


Please allow 8-10 weeks lead time on this custom product.  This will allow us to deliver an optimal final product with color of your choice.


Black - With Red Slats0.0 lb
Blue - With Red Slats0.0 lb
Brown - With Red Slats0.0 lb
Grey - With Red Slats0.0 lb
Tan - With Red Slats0.0 lb

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