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Product Image 7" Masonry Roughing Disc-Masonry Tools-Slip Industries, Inc-Single Disc-Sealcoating.com

7 in Masonry Roughing Disc




Our 7" Circular Masonry Roughing discs are used with our Masonry Tool to remove excess joint mortar or sharp edges.  Available in singles or in larger quantities.

Disc only included (does not include the Masonry Tool to hold this disc).

See our specialty Masonry Scraper Tool for those tough to reach spaces which comes in a single disc holder or a double holder. Prevents moving the ladder or scaffolding and the up and down on that ladder.  You will reach it all with this tool.

Single Disc1.0 lb
Box of 25 Discs1.0 lb
Box of 50 Discs1.0 lb

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