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Aluminum Measuring Wedge for Asphalt or Concrete




Use our Aluminum Measuring Wedge to determine surface deviations in your Asphalt Mat or Flooring project.  When used in conjunction with our Aluminum Concrete Straight Edge or Asphalt Highway Paving Checking Tool you can determine the dips and depressions in and horizontal surface.  This flooring dip detector will measure the dips or drepressions in the surface and allow you to mark and repair before completion and call backs.
  • Floor or Surface Measuring Wedge identifies Maximum Deviation from a horizontal surface
  • Eliminate Return trips by correcting your depressions the first time your work is performed
  • Check your work before the inspector does and save time and money with no return trips
  • Measure and make adjustments before its too late or simply mark for repair
  • Use with our Aluminum Concrete Straight Edge or our Asphalt Highway Paving Checking tool
Quality control is for any size company.  Develop your own company standards by requiring and marking for imperfections early.  Marking depressions so operators or finishers can see the deviations and correct before the roller and equipment are gone and the return trip is required.  Perception is everything.  When your work requires the use of such tools inspectors and customers will see that your bar is set at a level that can only result in quality and perfection.
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