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Aluminum Threaded Broom Handle 60"




This Aluminum Broom Handle with Threaded End should be your Replacement Broom Handle when you break your next wooden broom pole.  This one will last longer and feel nice in your hands with its' Yellow Powder-Coated Aluminum Finish (Threaded Tip).

  • This lightweight Aluminum Threaded Pole is great to replace your next broken wooden pole
  • Buy the 60" or 66" Threaded Broom Stick in this Aluminum Yellow Powdercoated Finish
  • Includes a 6" black grip for the end of the pole
60" Aluminum Threaded Broom Handle / 60" Threaded Aluminum Pole3.0 lb
66" Aluminum Threaded Broom Handle / 66" Threaded Aluminum Pole3.0 lb

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