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Product Image Asphalt Highway Paving Straightedge Checking Tool- 10 Ft Handle-Asphalt Paving Tools-Slip Industries, Inc-10 foot Asphalt Paving Level Including Leveling Vile (Bubble Vile)-Sealcoating.com

10 ft Asphalt Highway Paving Straightedge Checking Tool




This 3 Meter Highway Straight Edge Checking Tool includes handle and level inset in the Paving Straight Edge. Use this to check depressions in asphalt pavement. This Asphalt Checking tool is for Road Builders and all those wanting perfection.

This 10 foot Asphalt Straight Edge Tool is also available in 6', 8', 12' and 14 foot lengths. The 3 Meter Paving Tool is required for most highway paving projects and is built to last.

  • This Asphalt Level Eliminates the Return Trip
  • Your foreman now knows you need a few more shovels to eliminate the dip in the pavement
  • The Roller Operator Can see the problem from the soft seat
  • Show the Road Commissioner you are a perfectionist

Option:  You may select an option that Omits the leveling vial (the bubble vial) and save but we think you will regret it.

Important Information about Shipping this Asphalt Level:  This Blacktop Level is long because that is how it works best.  Shipping a tool over 8 feet long means that it must be shipped by way of "freight".  Standard ground is no longer an option for any company shipping a tool of this length.  We cannot ship this UPS ground or Fed X ground--they do not allow it.  Therefore, we must ship it by way of freight but we do get the best freight prices available.  Our long narrow paving tool can be added to a full freight truck load as it can be loaded top shelf due to the shape.  This provides us with the best possible method and price.  Second, you will not find a better made asphalt straightedge.  This tool is well made in the U.S. by a family tool building company in its third generation.

10 foot Asphalt Paving Level Including Leveling Vial (Bubble Vial)13.0 lb
10 foot Asphalt Paving Level WITHOUT Leveling Vial (Omit Bubble Vial10.0 lb

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