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Product Image Asphalt Highway Paving Straightedge Checking Tool - 12 Ft Handle-Asphalt Paving Tools-Slip Industries, Inc-12 foot Asphalt Straight Edge Leveling Tool Including Level (Bubble) Vile-Sealcoating.com

12 ft Asphalt Highway Paving Straightedge Checking Tool




This 3 meter pavement checking tool allows you to make certain that the asphalt is level. Use this asphalt straight edge for all your paving situations. The right paving tool is essential in accomplishing a job perfectly.

This Pavement Straightedge allows you to check for dips and depressions. The paving straight edge is also available in 6', 8', 10', and 14 foot lengths. Let this Asphalt checking tool make your job easier by adding to the cart today!

  • Does the Water Flow like it should
  • Do you need two more shovels in a low spot so there is no return trip
  • Can the roller hit this area again while its hot because return trips cost you money
  • Does the inspector or customer see that you are all about perfection
  • Low spots are hard to see in the bright sunlight
  • You can't read a green and your foreman can't see the low spot
Note Options: This Asphalt Highway Paving Level Comes with or without the Leveling Vial (the inlaid bubble).  You may select the option that omits this vial and save.  This Asphalt Tool is a freight shipped item due to its length.  All tools and items for any company that exceeds 8 feet in length is required to ship via freight and cannot go by way of normal ground type shipment.  This is not our rule and is a universal rule.  But do not let this scare you we get the best top shelf rates available as this long asphalt level can be loaded last and on the top of the trucks load due to its long narrow shape.  You will not find a better constructed Asphalt Straight Edge than this one.  
    12 foot Asphalt Straight Edge Leveling Tool Including Level (Bubble) Vial15.0 lb
    12 foot Asphalt Straight Edge Leveling Tool WITHOUT inlaid Leveling Vial (Omit Bubble)12.0 lb

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