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Product Image Asphalt Highway Paving Straightedge Checking Tool - 8 Ft Handle-Asphalt Paving Tools-Slip Industries, Inc-Default-Sealcoating.com

8 ft Asphalt Highway Paving Straightedge Checking Tool




This pavement checking tool allows you to make certain that the asphalt is level. Use this asphalt straight edge for all your paving situations requiring at least a 3 Meter Checking Tool. The right paving tool is essential in accomplishing a job perfectly.

This Pavement Straightedge allows you to smooth asphalt and make sure it is level at the same time. The paving straight edge is also available in 6', 10', 12' and 14 foot lengths. Let this Asphalt checking tool make your job easier by adding to the cart today!
Default11.0 lb

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