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Product Image Plain Edge Asphalt Lute Blade-Asphalt Paving Tools-Slip Industries, Inc-24" (2 FT) Blade-Sealcoating.com

Plain Edge Asphalt Lute Blade




This straight edge replacement lute blade is made for the 24", 30" or 36" Asphalt lute. Quickly change from a notched lute blade to a straight lute blade when you have this paving tool. 

It's always a good idea to have a replacement lute blade to ensure that you can finish the job. Made from a strong and durable aluminum alloy, the blade for Asphalt lutes is sure to last. Get the backup you need when you add these lute blades to your paving tools.
24" (2 FT) Blade4.0 lb
30" (2.5 FT) Blade4.0 lb
36" (3 FT) Blade4.0 lb

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