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Product Image Serrated Asphalt Lute Blade-Asphalt Paving Tools-Slip Industries, Inc-24" (2.5 FT) Blade-Sealcoating.com

Serrated Asphalt Lute Blade




Have a back up with this serrated asphalt blade. Pointed teeth on this replacement lute blade for the Asphalt Lute keeps the asphalt flowing.

Constructed of a highly durable aluminum alloy, you can count on this Asphalt Lute Blade to get the job done. Never be left without the right tools to finish the task by having spare blades for paving lutes. Purchase your serrated edged blade today!

  • Serrated Asphalt Lute Blade available in 2, 2.5 and 3 foot sizes
  • Asphalt Lute Blade made from high strength alloy aluminum
  • Strong and sturdy, Serrated Asphalt Lute Blades make the job easier.
24" (2.5 FT) Blade4.0 lb
30" (2.5 FT) Blade4.0 lb
36" (3 FT) Blade4.0 lb

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