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Product Image Asphalt Materials Product Bundle for Re-Seller Store

Asphalt Materials Product Bundle for Re-Seller Store


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Our Asphalt Materials Product Bundle for your Wholesale Supply Store or Retail Store is offered at a cost that allows you to re-sell pavement materials and be profitable (2 Full Pallets).  This professional pavement product bundle of maintenance materials for asphalt will be your starter package of pavement maintenance products that you can sell to the public and to small local contractors who will return each week for more.  We took the guessing out of it and your manager does not need to know pavement products to know that you have the right mix of what will sell well and increase turns. 

  • Wholesale Supply Products for Pavement Professionals (2 Pallets of Product)
  • Bundles for all store sizes A, B and C (Large, Medium, or Small Stores)
  • Asphalt Materials in Bundled Packages - Wholesale Price
  • Carefully selected Pavement Materials - best sellers
  • Various sizes and packages for Pavement Stores
  • Perfect for Construction Rental Stores or Equipment Dealer Stores 
  • Our Sealcoating.com branded products sell in your store better as they were designed together for a better presentation

What are your Wholesale bundle Sizes for Pavement Maintenance Materials?:

Size C Store is for testing or for a smaller volume stores selling pavement materials

Size B is for a Medium volume Pavement Supply Store with materials that will  most often turn in about 30 days.

Size A Wholesale Materials package for re-sellers is a good size for an average to above average store and should be enough material for 30-60 days.  If you have an Equipment Dealership or Rental Store and want to sell pavement materials you should consider this level due to your construction customer buyers and amount of store traffic. 

If you have been thinking about adding these products to your operation so that you can sell pavement materials this is your chance at a wholesale price.

Included in this package are asphalt maintenance products such as trowel grade patch (Fat Path and Sand Gator (for Alligatored Asphalt), Sealer Additives (Fast Drying Arriba Mat), Oil Spot Primer (Seal Over) and Crackfillers (Spider Crack and Fat Crack).

What's in this package (2 Full Pallets of Professional Pavement Products):   

Spider Crack - Pourable Crack Sealer 5 gallon Qty 18

Spider Crack - Pourable Crack Sealer Six 1-gallons Qty 3

Fat Crack Heavy Duty Crackfiller 5 gallon Qty 18

Fat Crack Heavy Duty Crackfiller Six 1 -gallon Qty 3

Fat Patch Econo Mastic 5 gallon Qty 12

Sand Gator - Mastic Blacktop Patch 5 gallon Qty 6

Arriba Mat 007 Fast Drying Seal Additive 5 gallon Qty 6

Seal Over Oil Spot Primer Ready to Use 5 gallon Qty 6

Small Product Bundle for Pavement Supply Store (C)4400.0 lb

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