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Asphalt Pavement Scraper Combo




This Pavement Scraper can be used to clean surface spots and debris that requires heavy scraping.  Perfect for gum removal on pavement and other hard surfaces.  It comes with a yellow powder coated handle 66" long and the blade attaches to our sturdy Gusset Brace.  Easy blade replacement makes parking lot clean up, oil spot spot prep, or gum removal easier.  Good floor clean up tool.



Remove stubbornoil spots and debris from parking lots with heavy-duty scraper. If features a 10" stainless steel blade and 1-1/8" steel tube handle.
8" Asphalt Pavement Scraper Combo5.0 lb
12" Asphalt Pavement Scraper Combo5.0 lb
16" Asphalt Pavement Scraper Combo5.0 lb

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