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Product Image 4 Cubic Yard Dumpster - Animal Proof - Recycled Steel

Bear Proof Dumpster - 4 Cubic Yard Capacity




This bear proof dumpster holds 4 cubic yards of waste, making it the perfect option for cities and parks to keep waste secure. Made from 10-gauge steel, the exterior Is treated with phosphating wash before a coat of TGIC polyester paint is applied. Choose from our color selection below for desired look of bear proof dumpster. Two doors for trash disposal are located on the exterior of the dumpster, secured with a gravity latch on each door. This dumpster is reliable and has been certified as bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and has been tested by the Living With Wildlife Foundation. See below for color options.  Deposit trash worry free with this bear proof dumpster. Product is made with 70% or more recycled steel and made in USA.

  • 4 Cubic Yard Capacity Bear Proof Dumpster
  • Weight: 1180 lbs 
  • Dimensions: 56 in x 59 ¼ in x 82 ¾ in 
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Tan

Note: Please allow 8-10 weeks lead time on this product.  Custom nature of this dumpster requires longer in order to deliver a great final product.

Black1180.0 lb
Blue1180.0 lb
Brown1180.0 lb
Grey1180.0 lb
Tan1180.0 lb

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