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Product Image Check point rubber reflective speed bump

Check Point Black Rubber Speed Bump




The Check Point Black Rubber Speed Bump slows vehicles to under 10 mph, making it perfect for temporary traffic stops.  These 2.5" tall, 3 foot section speed bumps link together without the need for bolts or adhesives, or hardware can be added to secure permanently.  The material is 100% recycled, durable rubber that is resistant to extreme temperatures and U.V. light and won’t wear out with heavy traffic volume.  Sections of the speed bump connect to fit to a desired length, and end pieces are capped off to give the speed bump a smooth finish.  This Check Point Black Rubber Speed Bump can be used wherever traffic slows and stops are needed, including emergency response situations, roadblock security, or other checkpoints. 

  • Slows traffic to 5-10 mph
  • Embedded reflectors for visibility at night
  • Permanent or Temporary Solution: hardware available
  • 100% Recycled, Durable Rubber
  • Dimensions: 2-1/2"H x 18"W x 36"L
  • Hardware Available 


    Add our lag bolt kit for more permanent installation.  Order 4 for installation.

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