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Product Image 24" Chisel Tooth Rake, 66" Blue Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle-Aluminum Rakes-Seymour Midwest-Default-Sealcoating.com

Chisel Tooth Rake - Blue Powder Coated Aluminum Handle




The aggressive chisel-sharp teeth and forward grading edge set this rake apart from our others. It is an excellent choice when you need to penetrate and break up hard soils. It also works exceptionally well when spreading concrete or stone. The extra-thick teeth hold up to extremely heavy use, while the blue powder-coated aluminum handle with grip provides for maximum comfort.
Specifications & Features:
  • 24", 30", 36",42" or 48" (Width) High-Grade Aluminum / Magnesium Alloy Head
  • 66" x 1-1/8" (Diameter) Blue Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle
  • 6" Green Non-Slip Vinyl Grip
  • Wrap-Around Bracing
  • Non-Gouging Rounded Teeth
  • Solid Aluminum Plug in the Head-to-Handle Connection
24 Inch5.0 lb
30 Inch5.0 lb
36 Inch5.0 lb
42 Inch5.0 lb
48 Inch5.0 lb

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