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Concrete Placer Head Replacement Kit Without Hooks




The concrete placers allow you to push and move the wet concrete. These placers for concrete construction are incredibly versatile. Concrete levelers can be used to spread the freshly poured concrete or to finish and level the curing surface. This replacement head kit comes without hooks. The placer heads allow for connection to be set at various angles.  Don't delay, order today!


Replacement Heads For Concrete Placers Specifications & Features:


  • 20" (Width) Aluminum / Magnesium Alloy Blade - No Hooks.
  • The heads are designed to allow for head-to-handle connection to be set at varying angles.
  • Offered in three different handles: powder-coated aluminum, painted hardwood or fiberglass.
  • Strong, lightweight long wearing tool spreads and grades concrete.
  • The replacement head kit without hooks for the Concrete Placer product line.
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