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Concrete Wheel Stops




Our Concrete Bumper Blocks are made to last.  These standard car stops are a safety measure.  Our wheel chalks are reinforced with two #4 rebars inside for added strength.  They are made with two 3/4" holes so they may be pinned and secured.  We will deliver and install these concrete wheel stops pin them in and remove your old ones for an additional charge.  Note: deicers and salt will weaken and speed the natural aging of these wheel stops.  Concrete sealers can aid in the prevention of the deterioration.  We will deliver and install these in most areas throughout the U.S.  Other truck stops and sizes available.

  • Specifications and Style Vary based upon geography
  • Some Wheel Stops included Water Relief Slots and Some are Flat on Bottom
7 Foot Parking Block - Water Relief Holes250.0 lb
6 Foot Parking Block - Water Relief Holes175.0 lb

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