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Diamond Cutoff Saw Blade for Asphalt and Concrete




Diamond Cutoff Saw Blade for Asphalt and Concrete with Drop Segment Cobalt Steel Core. Excellent for both asphalt and concrete.  Designed for use with concrete saws, cutoff saws, and handheld construction saws. This premium asphalt blade offers both precision and durability, and is the ideal blade for your next commercial or residential asphalt job. 14” blade measures at a .125” thickness and a 1” arbor hole. Also available as a 16”, 18” and 20” blade.  The 18” and 20” blades measure at a .140” thickness. These Diamond Blades are perfect for use in circular saws, concrete saws, cutoff saws, handheld construction saws, and the larger blades can be used with walk behind saws.


  • 14”/.125/1” Diamond Saw Blade
  • Cobalt Steel Core that is resistant to wobbling and warping due to high-friction heat
  • Drop-Segment design protects against undercutting
  • Available in 14”, 16”, 18” and 20” diameter
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