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Product Image Duraflex Roadway Loop Sealer-Crackfillers Cold Applied-Sealcoating TX Whse-5 Gallon Pail Duraflex-Sealcoating.com

Duraflex Roadway Loop Sealer




Duraflex Roadway Loop Crack Sealer was designed for sealing the roadway wire embedded for triggering the traffic light.  You cut it and embed it and then you need it to be sealed with our Duraflex Road Sealer which is highly rubberized to provide superior long term performance preventing corrosion of the wire surface.  It is not difficult to use and apply, but it is difficult to find in a form that meets the Roadway specs required (ASTM D2939) and made to protect the traffic signal wire loop.  You may apply this with a pour pot applicator or with the Crack Shot drum dispenser or even right from the bucket (all are available here at Sealcoating.com). 

  • Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon or 55 gallon drums
  • Made for wire loop in pavement sealing
  • Make sure the crack is dry and free of debris
  • Fill flush to surface and scrape or squeegee off excess
  • Complies to all VOC emissions and EPA Standards

Application:  Clean crack or cut pavement to remove loose debris and oil or petro deposits, make sure it is dry and apply Duraflex Roadway Wire Cut Sealer.  Scrape or squeegee flush to surface and allow to dry with maximum dry time of 4 hours.

Coverage:  This is a permanent sealer that will cover approximately 80 linear feet ½” x ½” in size per gallon.


5 Gallon Pail Duraflex46.0 lb
55 Gallon Drum Duraflex555.0 lb

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