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Product Image FIRE LANE Paint Stencil-Stencils-CH Hanson-12" Character Height; Thickness 1/8"-Sealcoating.com

FIRE LANE Paint Stencil




If you paint our  Pavement "FIRE LANE" Stencil they won't dare park there.  If that abuser parks their it's time to tow.   This is a matter of safety and while they sometimes won't pay attention to your NO Parking areas they should avoid the No Parking FIRE LANE stenciled area.    

Available in Large Letter Sizes:

Character Size: 12"X9"; Stencil Height: 18"; Stencil Width: 59"; Weight: 6.90 lbs

Character Size: 18" x 12"; Stencil Height: 24"; Stencil Width: 74"; Weight: 11.54

Character Size: 24"X 12"; Stencil Height: 30"; Stencil Width: 74"; Weight: 14.43 lbs

1/8" or 1/16" but "LDPE" means tough.  Its the Low Density Polyethylene construction for Longer Stencil Life

We also have small letter size painting stencils in multiple material types.

12" Character Height; Thickness 1/16"11.1 lb
12" Character Height; Thickness 1/8"6.9 lb
18" Character height; Thickness 1/8"25.35 lb
24" Character Height; Thickness 1/8"25.35 lb
18" Character height; Thickness 1/16"25.35 lb
24" Character Height; Thickness 1/16"25.35 lb

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