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Product Image FIRE LANE Paint Stencil-Stencils-CH Hanson-12" Character Height; Thickness 1/8"-Sealcoating.com

FIRE LANE Paint Stencil




If you paint our  Pavement "FIRE LANE" Stencil they won't dare park there.  If that abuser parks their it's time to tow.   This is a matter of safety and while they sometimes won't pay attention to your NO Parking areas they should avoid the No Parking FIRE LANE stenciled area.    

Available in Large Letter Sizes:

Character Size: 12"X9"; Stencil Height: 18"; Stencil Width: 59"; Weight: 6.90 lbs

Character Size: 18" x 12"; Stencil Height: 24"; Stencil Width: 74"; Weight: 11.54

Character Size: 24"X 12"; Stencil Height: 30"; Stencil Width: 74"; Weight: 14.43 lbs

1/8" or 1/16" but "LDPE" means tough.  Its the Low Density Polyethylene construction for Longer Stencil Life

We also have small letter size painting stencils in multiple material types.

Check out our full selection of high-quality asphalt traffic paint to use with your new parking lot stencil. Visit our Traffic Paint page today!

12" Character Height; Thickness 1/16"11.1 lb
12" Character Height; Thickness 1/8"6.9 lb
18" Character height; Thickness 1/8"25.35 lb
24" Character Height; Thickness 1/8"25.35 lb
18" Character height; Thickness 1/16"25.35 lb
24" Character Height; Thickness 1/16"25.35 lb

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