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Product Image Flex-A-Fill Direct Fire Hot Rubber Crackfiller

Flex-A-Fill Direct Fire Hot Rubber Crackfiller


26.80 32.10


Flex-A-Fill Direct Fire Hot Rubber Crackfiller is a hot applied polymer modified asphalt crackfiller used for filling pavement or asphalt concrete cracks.  This was designed with the right balance for hot temperature climates resisting pickup and tracking from vehicles and foot traffic in the summer months,  and does not crack like others in cold temperatures and climates.  It is the perfect economical choice for your use in a direct fire melter as it is forgiving with heat fluctuation.  Will take about 20 minutes to heat up and liquify for your project.

  • Hot Rubber Crackfiller for Direct Fire Melters
  • Resists Cracking in Cold Temperatures
  • Good in Hot weather with little to no tracking from vehicles
  • Comes in 30 lb boxes
1 Box - 30 lbs31.0 lb
Half Pallet (35 boxes)1085.0 lb
Full Pallet (75 boxes)2204.62 lb

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