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Product Image Flex a Fill Hot Crack Sealant for Oil Jacketed Machines

Flex-A-Fill Oil Jacketed Hot Rubber Crackfiller




Flex-A-Fill Oil Jacketed Hot Rubber Crackfiller is a hot applied crack sealant for filling pavement or asphalt and concrete cracks.  Specially designed for your oil jacketed machine, this hot-applied adhesive sealant has a low viscosity and will fill even narrow cracks with ease.  The hot crack sealant is weather adaptable, which means it is resistant to tracking onto vehicle tires in warm weather, and is crack resistant in cold weather.  Available in a 30 lb box, half pallet, or full pallet.

  • Hot Rubber Crackfiller for Oil Jacketed Hot Rubber Crackfiller
  • Resists melting in warm temperatures and cracking in cold temperatures
  • Takes about 20 mins to heat 
  • Each box weighs 30 lbs
    1 Box - 30 lbs31.0 lb
    Half Pallet (35 boxes)1085.0 lb
    Full Pallet (75 boxes)2204.62 lb

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