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52 in Flexible Bollard for Asphalt




The bollard is an added sense of security for businesses and their patrons. Bollards can be used to guide vehicles and pedestrians to safe areas.  Also known as a security post, it can be used in front of ATM's, gas pumps and in front of store fronts to keep vehicles from getting too close. The bollard is a simple way to make a pedestrian path. The bollard post allows people to easily maneuver through while keeping traffic at a safe distance.

This galvanized steel post with a polyethylene bollard cover will stay looking new. The design of this bollard allows it to flex when hit, minimizing damage. Choose your colored bollards, to enhance your and protect your surroundings. Pick up a guard post today!

Please measure carefully because often when the pipe to be covered is believed to have a 6 inch outside diameter (O.D.), it often actually has a 6 5/8 inch (O.D.). This is helpful to know and will change the foam insert size of the bollards cover used and provide for a better fit. The true 6" diameter (O.D.) pipe will use foam inside, instead of the grippers. If the actual outside diameter (O.D.) is 6 inches, then you will be selecting our 7 €? bollard cover and this will require the foam insert or strips. The grippers will not be able to make up for this much space. The 6 5/8 inch OD pipe will allow you to select either option.

Ideal for Vehicle Lane Markers& Helps Guide Traffic Safely
Use in Place of Parking Blocks & Reduce Liability
Impact Resistant with 360 degrees of Flexibility
Delineates when Hit at Speeds
Eliminates Replacement Costs & Damage to Parking Lot Surface
Protects Vehicle from Unnecessary Damage
9.5" square 7 Gauge Standard Steel Base Plate
Steel 1-5/8" Round Galvanized
52" x 7" Polyethylene Bollard
Overall Height Stands 52" Tall with 3M Reflective Tape
Mounting Hardware included: 1- Spring, 2- Stainless Hex Bolts, 2- Stainless Locking Nuts
5 - Stainless Washers
Optional Bollard Colors
Optional Reflective Tape Colors
5 YEAR WARRANTY - Against Fading and Cracking
Default Title32.0 lb

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