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Product Image Full Pallet 16 lb Base for Traffic Channelizer

Full Pallet 16 lb Rubber Base for Traffic Channelizer - Qty 100




Purchase these 16 lb bases for traffic channelizers in this full pallet quantity to save!  This black rubber base fits tight to the bottom of channelizer to provide added weight and upright stability.  Base is hexagonal in shape and provides stability with a sleek design.  One pallet includes 100 rubber bases that are compatible with our Traffic Channelizers. 

  • Black Rubber 16 lb Base for traffic channelizer 
  • Pallet comes with Qty 100


Individual Base Weight: 16 lbs 

Individual Base Dimensions: 2.4 in tall x 17.75 in long x 17.75 in wide 

Pallet weight: 1670 lbs 

Pallet dimensions: 40 x 48 x 44 

Note: Be sure to adhere to local and state specs and regulations for channelizers. Pay attention to how many reflective stripes and of which quality are required.  These channelizers come with two 4-inch reflective stripes and the options of Engineer Grade, Hi-Intensity Prismatic, or Diamond Grade sheeting. 

Default Title1670.0 lb

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