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Product Image Granite Rubber Sign Base-60 lbs-Traffic & Parking Lot Signs-RubberForm-Includes Round Post Hole NO Sign Post Included-Sealcoating.com

Portable Rubber Sign Base - 72 lbs




Our Portable Rubber Sign Base is made from  Recycled Crumb Rubber.  Your Parking Lot Sign Holders do not compare to our Recycled Heavy Sign Base.  Your New Rubber Parking Lot Sign Holder can come with a sign post holder or without.  We have many options for using our Rubber Post Holder.
  • Heavy Rubber Sign Holder Stays in position
  • NO Installation into the pavement required
  • Rubber Sign Base Holds Square Sign Post or Round Sign Pole
  • Our Designer Series has Grey Specs in the Black Sign Base
Select the options you need.  If you want a round hole to hold your sign post we have it. We can include the Sign holder or provide you with just the Sign base.
Posts come in 4, 5, and 6 foot lengths.  Visit our Sign shop and pick a sign to go with it or even an alternate sized post then the ones included here.  We can provide the hardware too.  No need for anyone to take a long trip to the hardware store.  No lengthy installation either.  Set it up and you are in business.
Rubber Post Protector Dimensions:  18" D x 14" H
Sign Post Hole:    2 3/8" Round hole or 1 3/4" Square Post Hole
Includes Round Post Hole NO Sign Post Included72.0 lb
Round Post Hole With Round 5' Plastic 2-3/8" Sign Post72.0 lb
Includes Square Post Hole No Sign Post Included72.0 lb
Square Post Hole With 5' Metal 1-3/4" Sign Post72.0 lb

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