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Product Image Handicap Symbol Paint Stencil - Standard SMALL-Stencils-CH Hanson-28" Handicap Medium Heavy Duty 1/8"-Sealcoating.com

Handicap Symbol Paint Stencil - Standard SMALL




Our Small Standard Handicap Paint Stencil for Parking Lots comes in a number of small stencil Sizes too.  This HC Paint Stencil is for those spaces and locations that only desire the small standard symbol.  


Character Height: 21.5"; Height: 24"; Width: 24" -Standard Small Handicap Symbol

Character Height: 28"; Height: 34"; Width: 32" - Medium  


1/8" or 1/16" Polyethylene (LPDE) Flexible and cleanable for many years.  Store them flat to make them last.

Note:  See our Large Standard Handicap Symbol for the Standard Large which is most commonly used in most areas along with various other larger sizes.  Stick with one of our "Standard" for most applications but check your local ordinance.

Check out our full selection of high-quality asphalt traffic paint to use with your new parking lot stencil. Visit our Traffic Paint page today!

28" Handicap Medium Heavy Duty 1/8"7.07 lb
21.5" Standard Small Handicap- 1/16" Thickness2.07 lb
21.5" Standard Small Handicap Heavy Duty 1/8" Thick3.7 lb
28" Handicap Medium- 1/16" Thickness5.6 lb

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