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Product Image Heat Lance - Crack Preparation Tool

Heat Lance - Crack Preparation Tool




The Crack Jet II is a walk behind crack preparation tool and heat lance cart with wheels all in one.  It is designed for blowing cracks clean preparing your job faster for crack filling.  This crack cleaning cart with steel wand provides 90 cfm of pressure and heat at 2800 degrees to dry the cracks so you can get started.  It will blow the cracks clean and dry them according to most specs (2800 degrees) and eliminates your need for a large compressor on the job.  This crack cart is perfect for preparing pavement cracks for sealing and is a must have for parking lot maintenance and sealing contractors to prepare existing cracks and for promoting the adhesion of your crack filler or "hot rubber" to the walls of the pavement for a longer lasting seal.   This push cart for crackfilling is the one crack cleaning tool package that will save you time and makes the entire crack sealing project effortless.

  • Heat dry the crack with air flowing thru the wand at 90 cfm
  • Plenty of heat at 2800 degrees for your crack filling preparation
  • holds your propane tank, hose and steel air wand 
  • Push this little cart around effortlessly all self contained
  • Air blast the jagged edges to prep for your hot rubber application

Comes with 30 foot of hose a 30 lb propane cylinder, the steel wand and the crack cart holds it all together for an easy moving operation.  You will prepare and fill the cracks faster when you own one of these.


    Dimensions (L x W x H) - 57” x 26” x 36”
    Weight - 225 Lbs.
    Air Temperature and Output - 2800˚F @ 90 CFM
    Construction - Welded 11G Steel
    Wand - Stainless steel barrel and fittings
    Wand Weight - 7Lbs.
    Wand Length - 60”
    Engine - 5.5HP Honda
    *Specifications are subject to change without notice

    Default Title225.0 lb

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