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Heavy Duty Handle for Power Brooms




Seal coat Brush handle with 1-1/8" diameter and 6' in length.  Holds all of our strip brush head types. The metal bracket that holds the Heavy Duty Brush Holder is stamped strongly to the the Wooden handle.  This is a nice sturdy handle yet not too heavy.  Used for all types of sealcoating strip brush heads; Tampico hair, Horse hair or the Power (poly trim) brush head.  If you have ever appreciated the quality of a Louisville Slugger you will have that same appreciation for this sturdy sealcoating broom handle.  It is worth the cost of the shipping as you will not likely find one as nice as this at your local hardware store.

  • Attaches to our Strip Brush Holder or your existing Metal Strip Broom holder
  • Perfectly weighted quality wooden Sealcoating Brush handle.
  • This is the finest sealcoating handle- you will not find it at your local hardware store
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