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Product Image Kenyon Classic 30" Great Rake II, 66" Oval Red Powder-Coated Aluminum-Landscape Hand Tools-Seymour Midwest-Default-Sealcoating.com

Kenyon Classic 30 in Great Rake II - 66 in Oval Red Powder Coated Aluminum Handle




The name says it all, this is a "great rake" for raking and leveling. An awesome Landscaping Rake for any kind of job. Want your special project or job to look professional, this Grading Rake will do the job for you. The long curved teeth provide efficient grading on backstroke while the deep grading edge allows for superior leveling. With this Professional Rake, you will be the envie of your rivals. Place your order today.
Specifications & Features:
  • 30" (Width) High-Grade Aluminum / Magnesium Alloy Head
  • 66" Oval Red Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle with 6" Black
     Non-Slip Vinyl Grip
  • Wrap-Around Bracing (Clamp Style: Bolt Does Not Pierce Handle)
  • Solid Aluminum Plug in the Head-to-Handle Connection
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