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Product Image Line Striper Laser Guide for Paint Striping Machines

Line Striper Laser Guide for Paint Striping Machines




This Laser Line Striping Guide is the next generation straight line guide with superior mounting and easy adjustment will allow you to follow the two laser lines while painting your pavement floor stripes with ease and precision -produces straighter lines.

  • Includes two lasers, mounting kit, and battery pack
  • Laser Site Line Guide System for Paint Striping Machines (Compatible with most line stripers)
  • High intensity lasers (green) visible in daylight
  • Beam diameter: 3 in x 5 in
  • Lithium Ion Batteries go in the opposite side of the the aperture (laser end)
  • Better mounting apparatus holding both lasers allow for easy adjustment to preference
  • Great for start / stops, curb striping, executing razor sharp lines, and training new employees

Battery replacement as needed has simple screw cap opposite the laser aperture for easy install of the ion batteries.

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