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Lute Rake Bolt Kit




This Lute Rake Bolt Kit in a bag is the hardware you need to connect your Asphalt Lute Pole to the Lute Head or Blade.  We provide bags of nuts and bolts that allow you to secure your new pole or just simply reinforce your existing asphalt lute.  We have a different bag of bolts packaged in a kit for both your Wrap Around brace style or for your Gusset Brace style.  Select which one you need.

  • Bag of Bolts for connecting your Asphalt Lute Handle to the Rake Head (Lute Head(
  • Each Kit contains all you need for one Lute
  • Select either the Gusset Style Bag of Bolts or the Wrap Around Style
  • These kits fit both Pole diameters 1-1/8 in and 1-3/8 in Oversized diameter supports

Yes, I know you can get these at the hardware store but if you did not do it already think about what that costs to go there now or to send somebody!  

Wrap Around Brace Bolt Kit0.2 lb
Gusset Brace Bolt Kit0.2 lb

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