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Manual Driven Hose Reel




This Manually operated Industrial Hose Reel requires you to roll it up but it will glide that hose right in smoothly with ease.  You can set the hand reel for right or left hand operation.  This Industrial steel hose reel has bearings that are self lubricating to keep it circulating smoothly and easily.  The Adjustable brake allows you to create the tension you want.  This reel can hold 100 feet of 3/4 inch hose comfortably.   The 125 and 150 foot reels are also available.  The manual hose reels glide the hose right in and there is less to break.  Simple is better in this case.

Self Lubricating ABS bearings make the hose glide right in

Roll up handle can be positioned on right or left for this steel hose reel

Add your 100 foot 3/4 inch sealcoating hose--we have those too

Default42.0 lb

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