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Product Image Masonry Wallscraper Joint Roughing Tool 7" Disc & 6' Handle-Concrete Specialty Tools-Slip Industries, Inc-Sealcoating.com

Masonry Wallscraper Joint Roughing Tool 7 in Disc and 6 ft Handle




This Masonry Wallscraper  will remove that excess joint mortar.  Our tool comes with a 7" Masonry Rubbing Disc and a 6' Handle to reach those high spots on that brick or block wall.  

The Swivel head is easily adjusted for tough to reach spaces.

You can use this tool to remove your excess mortar from joints in the brick or block.  Rough down the joints to remove excess or fins from your joints.  Prevent those sharp edges from rubbing up on you when on the scaffolding.  This reaching tool for masons will save you time with ladders and scaffolding as you will easily reach the high spots.

  • Aluminum construction makes this tool light weight but durable
  • Reaches into tough spaces and corners
  • Uses a 7" rubbing disc as abrasive pad
  • Designed for easy disc changes
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