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McDonald's Arches Parking Lot Paint Stencil (3 styles)




This McDonald's Pavement logo Stencil of the golden arches or the "M" comes in three styles.  When painting the pavement or parking lot for a McDonald's restaurant you will use one of these three pavement arches stencils to complete your work properly.  

Available in 3 different logo styles of Paint Stencils--Choose One:
-M Small 
-M Large - "Do you want to Supersize it?"  - 2 piece meal (2 parts to this stencil)
-Speedy M

M: Character Size: 42"X36"; Stencil Height: 40"; Stencil Width: 42"; Weight: 10.92 lbs
M Large:
 Character Size: 74"X64"; Stencil Height: 80"; Stencil Width: 72"; Weight: 37.44 lbs
Speedy M:  Character Size: 40"X40"; Stencil Height: 48"; Stencil Width: 48"; Weight: 14.98 lbs

McDonalds M small stencil10.92 lb
McDonalds M large stencil37.44 lb
McDonalds Speedy M Stencil14.98 lb

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