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McDonald's Pavement Marking Stencil Kit (5 pc)




This parking lot paint stencil kit for McDonald's restaurants contains the set of many painting symbols or legends used only in your McDonald's parking lot.  The Stencils contained in the Paint Marking kit for McD's are the ones accepted and will make your pavement work look good.

Includes this 5 Peice Stencil Kit (what kind of sauce would you like with that:
-McDonalds DRIVE  (item number 70114)
-McDonalds THRU  (item number 70124)
-McDonalds YOU  (item number 70398)
-McDonalds THANK  (item number 70399)
-McDonalds CIRCLE ARROW  (item number 70474)

The above individual McDonald's Pavement Stencils can all be ordered individually

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