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McDonald's Circle Paint Stencil ARROW




This McDonald's Circle Stencil with an arrow in it is for  parking lot painting at McDonald's restaurants.  The proprietary McDonald's Circle Arrow is only for their restaurant.  They have many Exclusive Painting Stencils to be used when repainting McDonald's restaurant parking lots.  If you are sealcoating or paving a new McDonald's Parking lot you will need this circle stencil or the McDonald's Paint Stencil Kit we offer with 5 different paint stencils.


Character Size: 29.5" Arrow-42" Circle; Stencil Height: 48"; Stencil Width: 48"; Weight: 14.98 lbs

1/8" thickness -high quality commercial stencil for your maintenance crew or so easy your manager can paint this.

Circle Arrow Stencil14.5 lb

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