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Product Image McDonald's YOU Paint Stencil-Stencils-CH Hanson-YOU Paint Stencil; Thickness 1/8"-Sealcoating.com

McDonald's YOU Paint Stencil




This McDonald's YOU Stencil for Painting  the pavement legends can be used by you following your sealcoating or paving project at McDonald's.  Otherwise, a store manager or any team member at the store can use this pavement stencil to remark the faded paint.  It is an easy DIY project.  Our custom pavement stencils for McDonalds are the ones you need to match the previous markings.   We even have the paint if you need it!

-McDonalds YOU Paint Stencil for the parking lot

Character Size: 34"; Stencil Height: 40"; Stencil Width: 752"; Weight: 13.52 lbs

1/8" thickness -high quality commercial stencil for your restaurant pavement markings

YOU Paint Stencil; Thickness 1/8"13.52 lb
YOU Paint Stencil; Thickness 1/16"13.52 lb

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