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Metal Dome Top Waste Can Lid




Steel Dome Lid - For Trash Receptacle in Black, Brown, Blue or Green.

Maintain a clean and alluring site.  Metal  trash  can  lids  help to keep water from seeping into the trash can. Placing the  hinged  lid  on your trash receptacle also helps to keep odors from lifting into the surrounding air. Choose a  trash  can  lid  in one of four available colors to encourage use of the waste container.

The  steel  dome  lid  is designed to be attractive and functional. The  dome  lid  is made from sheet steel and has a primer and enamel coating making it durable and resilient. The heavy duty spring ensures the galvanized door of this  receptacle  lidstays closed. Purchase yours today!

Black Metal Dome Top12.0 lb
Blue Metal Dome Top12.0 lb
Green Metal Dome Top12.0 lb
Brown Metal Dome Top12.0 lb

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