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Product Image Mini Rubber Spill Berm and Bumper

Mini Rubber Spill Containment Berm




The Mini Rubber Spill Containment Berm is the solution for spills such as water, oil, coolants, and solvents both indoors and outdoors.  This berm model comes as one 3' section, and each section is a puzzle piece segment that can be interlocked to another to make a longer berm.  This mini berm is also made for forklifts and other vehicles in factories to act as a bumper cushion.  Installation is easy, each 3' section has 4 bolt holes to screw in lag bolts, and can be secured to flooring using rubber adhesive or caulk.  The berm is resistant to high temperatures and won't warp or chip.  Order our Concrete Lag Bolt Kit (4 per section) to secure through bolt holes.  This berm will divert spills and may help your warehouse or business adhere to the Federal Spill Containment and Countermeasure (SPCC) guidelines.  

  • Diverts spills: oils, water, coolants 
  • Acts as a bumper for motorized carts and forklifts
  • Dimensions: 1-7/8"H x 18"W x 36"L
  • Redirects liquids and doesn't absorb them

Hardware: See our Lag Bolt Kit and order 4 per section to secure.  Use an adhesive or caulk to secure to flooring.


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