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Product Image Park-It Wheel Stops-Wheel Stops & Bumper Blocks-The Brewer Company-Yellow Stripes on Black-Sealcoating.com

Park-It Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops




Manufactured from 100% recycled tires. Superior construction ensures Park-It and Easy-Rider items will not warp, chip, or rot. Easy handling and storage. Resistant to oil, moisture, UV light and extreme tempratures variations. Flexible design allows conformity to the contour of virtually any road surface. Installs with 14" capped rebar spikes-simply drill a 1/2" hole with masonary bit and penetrate the surface deep enough to reach the substrate material.

Measures 6' x 6" x 4" (L x W x H)


Yellow Stripes on Black34.0 lb
White Stripe on Black34.0 lb
Blue Stripes on Black34.0 lb
Black Solid Black34.0 lb

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