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Product Image Permaloc 2.5" x 2.25" Sidewall Aluminum Edge

Permaloc 2.5" x 2.25" Sidewall Aluminum Edge




Permaloc Asphalt Edge- Asphalt Edge is an asphalt restraint system designed to provide a finished look to the edge of the pavement. It allows for consistent material thickness and prevents broken edges which can lead to deterioration and failure of traditional asphalt installation. Made durable, light weight aluminum, it is intended for use over aggregate, asphalt and concrete. Easy to install, sections can be cut without difficulty using a hacksaw. Available in sidewall depths ranging from 1-1/2"-3".

  • Available in either a Mill (Sliver) finish or a Black DuraFlex finish
  • 8 Foot Sections 
Mill (Silver)7.0 lb
Black DuraFlex7.0 lb
Mill (Silver) (default)7.0 lb
Black DuraFlex (default)7.0 lb

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