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Product Image Permaloc 2" x 2.25" Landscape Edge- Sidewall Aluminum Edge-Asphalt Paving Tools-Permaloc-Mill (Sliver)-Sealcoating.com

Permaloc 2 in x 2.25 in x 8 ft Landscape Edge - Sidewall Aluminum Edge




Permaloc Asphalt Edge- Asphalt Edge is an asphalt restraint system designed to provide a finished look to the edge of the pavement. It allows for consistent material thickness and prevents broken edges which can lead to deterioration and failure of traditional asphalt installation. Made durable, light weight aluminum, it is intended for use over aggregate, asphalt and concrete. Easy to install, sections can be cut without difficulty using a hacksaw. Available in sidewall depths ranging from 1-1/2" to 3".  This landscape edging comes in Black finish or Silver.

  • Various Heights available 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" and 3" 
  • Come in 8 foot lengths with one connector per 8 foot edging piece 
  • Recommended full case purchases to save
  • Add 10 inch Spiral Steel Spikes to secure the steel landscape edge in place (10" x 3/8" dia)

Common questions:

Do I drive the spikes on the inside of the paved area or outside?  The spikes and the portion of this landscape edge (asphalt edge) that is flat against the ground should be on the inside or under the asphalt you will pave (you pave over the spikes and the edging leaving only the finished look and this helps to strengthen the Aluminum Edge (often called a "steel edge" but it is aluminum).

What height aluminum edge should I get?  If you are paving with 3 inches of thickness we recommend the edging that is 2.5" as the edge can then allow for the water to drain better and any imperfections will not leave the water hung up along the edge.  But this is our preference some contractors will pave a 2.5 inch thick asphalt layer and use the 2.5 inch asphalt edge and they are comfortable with this because perhaps there is already good pitch or drainage.

Do you have to have straight edges or can the aluminum edge be shaped?  This aluminum asphalt edge can be shaped in place by easily bending the edge in a radius or make a right angle by bending at one point to form a corner.  

Can you use Asphalt Edge for Decorative or stamped asphalt?  This is a great product for a stamped asphalt driveway or even for any standard asphalt edge.  The clean finished look of your project will be appreciated by your customer when they see the finished product.  This will also guide you when stamping a border pattern in the pavement.  If you set up and get the grading perfect before using the edging and then install or secure it but find the curve does not look uniform or just the way you want it, then just remove the spikes, reshape and re-position again before paving.

Can I use asphalt edge for part of my paving job or should I use it everywhere on the same project?  You do not need to use it for the entire project.  Sometimes there are those areas where a finished edge would look great or there is a service walk from the driveway to the house that you could do with this.  Now this can add to your paving project because the walkway can have that finished asphalt aluminum edge look to it.

Black DuraFlex7.0 lb
Mill (Sliver)7.0 lb

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