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Product Image Pure Hot Pour Hot Rubber Asphalt Joint Sealer Box

Pure Hot Pour™ Hot Rubber Asphalt Joint Sealer for Oil Jacketed Units




Our Pure Hot Pour™ Hot Rubber Asphalt Joint Sealer for Oil Jacketed Units was designed for the production crack sealing company.  This melting and smoothness will keep your machine running problem free and putting it down with speed.  Our boxes have no staples and the two blocks in one box will keep it melting faster but save on waste.   Best truck load product and delivery rates available to you to match the price you need to provide for your more demanding jobs and customers.  We will help you win more jobs with the best value hot rubber crack and joint sealant for your crack sealing operation.  Do the math on the unit price of our 60 lb box by selecting above half or full pallet and you will not find a better price- If you do call us as we are looking for large buyer partners!  

  • Pure Hot Pour (PHP) Rubber Crack & Joint Sealant for Oil Jacketed Units
  • Our PHP offers the best price and value per pound in our store
  • 60 lb box with 2-30 lb polybags of crack sealant in our box containing no staples - Select half or full pallet above for special pricing
  • Melts Faster and smooth and flexes well even in colder temps but not too soft for high heat climates
  • Tell us the specs you need to meet and we will provide it in our brand with similar price savings
  • Works great in our 10 Gallon Hot Rubber Crack Sealer Applicator or for higher volumes our 30 Gallon Hot Rubber Asphalt Crack Sealer Kettle 

Special Note for Full Truck Load orders of Hot Rubber Crack Sealants:  Some full truck loads due to weight include 18 pallets and not 20.  Our pricing contains an estimated full truck load that can be 18-20 pallets depending on the weight of product type which can vary.  If you select the full truck load price and purchase that you will have paid for 20 pallets.  One truck and one trip has been included in the shipping cost. 

The price we have provided for a full truck load of hot rubber crack sealant includes the price of the product at 20 pallets but a one full truck load trip which can sometimes only hold 18 pallets due to weight of some products or equipment limitations or even road restrictions.  If the weight exceeds the one truck load weight limit then we will reduce the pallet qty to 18 for the ONE truck trip to your location.  In this case you would be made aware of that before delivery and the total cost would be adjusted at the same pallet price (same unit cost of the full pallet price (price per pound) at your selected quantity to the reduced quantity.  In short you will receive the same great unit price for the quantity that can be delivered in one trip and a credit if the pallets must be reduced by 2 to 18 pallets.  But a second trip or truck delivery will not be included in this truck load pricing.

One Box 60 lbs. (2 -30 lb poly bags in a box)60.0 lb
Half Pallet Qty 18 Boxes - 1,080 lbs | $1.16 /lb1080.0 lb
Full Pallet Qty 36 Boxes - 2,160 lbs | $1.03 /lb2160.0 lb
Full Truck Load - 20 Pallets (43,200 lbs)43200.0 lb

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