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Recycled Rubber Parking Blocks - Designer Series




This Recycled Rubber Parking Block is the Designer Series (DS) which means it is a heavier Rubber Parking Lot Car Stop making it more durable than others on the market.  This Rigid Rubber Car Stop is made from crumb rubber right from recycled car tires.  This 6 foot Rubber Parking Block has 5 pin holes (most others have only 4) for securing the Rubber Car Stops so they will stay in place.  You can get away with pinning only 4 of the holes if you want as this Parking Stop is firmer and more rigid than others.  The color of the stripes for this Bumper Block is baked in to the rubber which makes the color the toughest reflective design we know of.  Others have glued on color stripes.  The stripes on this Rubber Parking Block are angled to the center and therefore go in two directions (pointed to center).  Make sure you take note of this as this will let you know you have the right one.  These are the heavier more rigid parking stops on the market and will stay straight in use when installed properly.

  • Rubber Parking Stops from Recycled Tires
  • Heaviest version for longer life- heavier than others on the market
  • Color is baked into the Recycled Rubber and reflective- not a glued on strip of color
  • 5 Pin Holes for permanent security- most others have only 4
  • recycles 3-4 US tires saving waste at the Landfill
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Hardware needed (not included):
Asphalt or Concrete Installation:
1/2" lag bolts 8" long with anchors & washers (product SC-RF-PWSLS) Best for Concrete.
Asphalt Only Installation: 1/2" rebar spikes 14" long (available on our site, (Product #18959) Not for Concrete.

When you park it up against this one it stays in place!

Recycled Rubber Designer Series measures 4"H X 6"W X 72"L

Save with quantities of over 10

White Stripe Designer Block38.0 lb
Yellow Stripe Designer Block38.0 lb
Blue Stripe Designer Block38.0 lb
Green Stripe Designer Block38.0 lb
Red Stripe Designer Block38.0 lb

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