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Product Image Black Rubber Sign Base- 60 lbs-Traffic & Parking Lot Signs-RubberForm-Black Sign Base 60 lbs.-Round Post Hole NO Sign Post Included-Sealcoating.com

Black Rubber Sign Base - 72 lbs




Our Black Rubber Sign Base Holder is made from  Recycled Rubber Tires.  Place your Parking Lot Sign  in our  Post holder and set this in your parking lot without drilling holes in the pavement and with no real installation required.  It is a heavy enough sign holder to stand up to the wind with no additional base weight.  If you need more weight we have an add-on base weight for those tricky spots (base weight adds 71 lbs and is under the OSHA limit for lifting).

  • Heavy Rubber Sign Holder (72 lbs) Stays in position
  • NO Installation into the pavement required
  • Rubber Sign Base Holder Holds Square Sign Post or Round Sign Pole
  • Our Designer Series has Grey Specs in the Black Sign Base
  • Sign Holder with an added bolt on weight option adds 71 lbs (not always needed)
Select the options in weight and finish and the type of Sign Post Hole this Post holder will accept. You pick but our Sign Post Protector will stay in place and firmly hold your parking lot signs.

The Designer Series has a granite look (Black with Grey specs of color) in it. We have a Yellow Cover if you need a Colored Rubber Sign Base. This Rubber Post Protector will accommodate a round or square hole for your sign post. Add a 4, 5, or 6 foot sign post to these for easy viewing and clear line of sight to your sign message.
Rubber Post Protector Dimensions:  18" D x 14" H
Sign Post Hole:  2 3/8" Round hole or 1 3/4" Square Post Hole
Color:  Black, With Yellow Cover, or Granite (specs of Grey in Black)
How do we make our Recycled Rubber Sign Base? Crumb rubber from tires and our Granite finish has grey specs that are from computer keyboards -- yes, that's right!  This has LEEDs credit written all over it.
Black Sign Base 72 lbs. / Round Post Hole NO Sign Post Included72.0 lb
Black Sign Base 72 lbs. / Round Hole with 5' Plastic Sign Post 2-3/8"72.0 lb
Black Sign Base 72 lbs. / Square Post Hole No Sign Post Included72.0 lb
Black Sign Base 72 lbs. / Square Hole with 5' Square Metal Sign Post 1-3/4"72.0 lb

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