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Commercial Park Bench - 6ft Wide - Red Maple




Settle into the best bench for contentment. This garden bench fits splendidly into the great outdoors. With superb workmanship these benches are made to be durable for outside climates. A park bench will allow people to enjoy being outside when they know they €™ll be able to rest awhile.

Use this park furniture to enhance natural surroundings on pathways, nature parks and gardens. With several colors to choose from this outside bench is a warm and inviting addition. Purchase your outdoor bench today!

  • Stainless Steel Contact Points     
  • No Overlapping Joints










Constructed with 1/4" cold rolled, pickled and oiled, sheet steel with no less than 70% recycled material.


Comes with stainless steel contact feet for mounting to concrete.


All joints are fully welded with no over-lapping materials.


Sandblasted to SSPC-SP 5/NACE standard "white finish", epoxy primed, and powder coated with "Super Durable TGIC" polyester top coat.


Color of your choice. (Not available in Regal Red or Safety Yellow)


W Warranty





Limited 3 year warranty on all site furnishings. This warranty does not cover any defects or failures resulting from vandalism, man-made or natural disasters, lack of maintenance, accidents, negligence, or wear and tear due to public abuse.


a.  Back Panel:


                        1)  Custom, 10 gauge steel, laser-cut logo as selected by the Architect.


                        2)  No Logo.


                        3)  Laser-cut donor information.


b.  Back and Seat Panel:


                        1)  ¼ inch HR, pickled and oiled, single sheet, no less than 70% recycled carbon steel.


                        2)  Laser-cut with no overlapping surfaces.


                        3)  All joints fully welded.


c.  Mounting Feet: 3/16 inch Stainless steel feet with 9/16 inch bolt holes.


d.  Mounting: Four 3/8 inch, 3-4 inch long, stainless steel anchor bolts supplied by the installer.


e.  End Frames: 2 x 3/8 inch HR, pickled and oiled, flat bar steel.


f.   Cross Members: 1 ¼ inch schedule 40 steel pipe.


g.  Armrest: HR, pickled and oiled, flat bar steel.


h.  Length: 72 inches.


i.   Width: 22 inches.


j.   Height: 40 inches.

Default220.0 lb

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