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RESERVED Paint Stencil




Our Paint Marking Stencil Says RESERVED and is good for Reserved Parking Spaces or for VIP parking.  But try not to Reserve your parking spaces in front of the building for your employees and then make the visitor Stenciled Parking spaces farther away! --I see this one all the time.  What kind of message does that send your visitors who should get the reserved parking in front?  They are the real VIP's.

RESERVED Stencil large format plastic for Painting

Select One size:

Character Size: 18"X12";  Stencil Height: 24";  Stencil Width: 116"

Character Size: 12" x 9"; Stencil Height: 18"; Stencil Width: 92"

1/8" or 1/16" Material Thickness- LDPE Low Density Polyethylene construction for Longest Stencil Life

12" Character Height; 1/16" Thickness10.9 lb
12" Character Height;1/8" Thickness10.76 lb
18" Character Height; 1/8" Thickness18.1 lb
18" Character Height; 1/16" Thickness18.1 lb

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