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Product Image Rubber Spill Berm 5 Foot Section

Rubber Spill Containment Border Curb




The Rubber Spill Containment Border Curb is made of sturdy and flexible rubber that stands up great to oil, coolants, solvents, and water. This border curb comes in a 5 foot section and can be placed around machinery that should be protected against spills and leaks.  It also works well as a bumper to protect warehouse vehicles and equipment. The solid bottom allows it to adhere easily to most surfaces making it an easy setup for both outside and inside.  Set up any configuration needed with these easy-installation allows this to be a quick-one person job. This product allows you to easily set up a border curb without resorting to expensive and permanent concrete curbs.  To install, use rubber adhesive sealant caulk to attach to floor along with lag shields. Construction caulk can be used to seal together berm sections.  See our Lag Bolt Kit to assist with installation.

  • Acts as a border curb around machinery and protects against spills
  • Available in different thicknesses and sizes
  • Flexible: fits to any ground surface
  • Easily installation
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, oil, UV light, and moisture
  • Dimensions: 4"H x 6"W x 5'L 
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