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Product Image Asphalt Shovel - Steel Head #2 Eastern Scoop w/ D Wood Handle - 49in Long

Asphalt Shovel - Steel Head #2 Eastern Scoop Wood w/ D Handle - 49in Long




This Square Blade Steel Asphalt Shovel with 36" Wooden Handle and a D Grip has been referred to as the "Asphalt Shovel". It is larger then a coal shovel but smaller then a scoop. This shovel is good for your blacktop shoveling and but also for mulch, snow, and dirt and clean up shovel. Your driver will run off with this one and at its price you might let him if he cleans his box for a change.

  • #2 Scoop Shovel
  • Solid steel rivet
  • Shovel head: 11 1/2 in x 13 1/2 in head size
  • 36" precision lathe turned hardwood "D" handle
  • Length: 49in  Width: 12in  Height: 8in
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs
  • General purpose scoop shovel
  • Buy a 6 pack of shovels and SAVE MONEY!
Asphalt Shovel - #2 Eastern Scoop Wood w/D Handle ($55.04)/shovel)5.4 lb
6 Pack - Asphalt Shovels ($50.14 /shovel)32.5 lb

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