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Big Boy Aluminum Asphalt Squeegee




MW-series Sealcoating Squeegee made of extruded aluminum is a long time sealcoating professional's favorite. This well built pull application seal coating squeegee is made of the highest quality, extruded aluminum available with a powder coated , gloss yellow handle. The durable neoprene blade is clamped into the squeegee base making an extremely durable tool that will last you for years and makes it easy to replace the blade when the time comes.

  • 66" yellow powder coated pole standard on 2,3, and 4 ft squeegees along with our sturdy Gussett Brace
  • 82" pole standard on 5 and 6 ft squeegees with wrap around braces for the extra width stability.  
  • These large sizes will also include a larger diameter handle for more strength at 1-3/8" diameter.

You will put the material down faster with these squeegees and your crews will appreciate the speed and smooth feel with easy downward pressure it will float along leaving no overlap marks or air pockets.

3 Foot Big Boy Aluminum Squeegee4.0 lb
4 Foot Big Boy Aluminum Squeegee4.5 lb
2 Foot Big Boy Aluminum Squeegee3.5 lb
5 Foot Big Boy Aluminum Squeegee5.0 lb
6 Foot Big Boy Aluminum Squeegee Oversized Handle5.5 lb

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