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Product Image Straight Arrow Pavement Stencil-Stencils-CH Hanson-42" Long Straight Arrow- 1/8" Thickness-Sealcoating.com

Straight Arrow Pavement Stencil




Large Straight Pavement Arrows for painting parking lots or private roadways.

Available in 3 Sizes
42" long; Stencil Height: 48"; Stencil Width: 24"; Weight: 7.5 lbs
62" long; Stencil Height: 70"; Stencil Width: 40"; Weight: 18.2 lbs Standard Large Arrow
84" long; Stencil Height: 96"; Stencil Width: 48"; Weight: 30.0 lbs

1/8" or 1/16" Thick LDPE Low Density Polyethylene construction for Longest Stencil Life

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42" Long Straight Arrow- 1/16" Thickness5.6 lb
42" Long Straight Arrow- 1/8" Thickness7.5 lb
62" Long Straight Arrow- 1/8" Thickness Standard Size18.2 lb
62" Long Straight Arrow- 1/16" Thickness Standard Size18.2 lb
84" Long Straight Arrow- 1/8" Thickness30.0 lb
84" Long Straight Arrow- 1/16" Thickness25.0 lb

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